“Throughout history, there are always instances where the most precious works of art get destroyed or broken. In the past, this disappearance meant items were lost forever. That’s why we’re so heavily invested in the artistic value of 3D printing,” said Jeremy Kobus, Director of The Gate Museum. “Committed to working at the intersection of technology and art, we see the tremendous potential of 3D printing for educational applications. Teaming with Stratasys and KSU’s 3DCenter, our hope is to deliver creations far too few have even tried to attempt.”



The Statue of Zeus at Olympia will be the centerpiece of the museum’s newest exhibit “The Games: Ancient Olympia to Atlanta to Rio”, opening August 20, 2016. The event features a range of Greek artifacts from The Hearst Castle Collection in San Simeon, CA and the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta, GA. Underlying the exhibition will be an exploration of 3D printing as a recognized art form – and as an effective tool for the preservation of historical artifacts.