Palladio Award for Best New Public Space


The Palladio Awards Program honors outstanding achievement in traditional design. The program recognizes both individual designers and design teams whose work enhances the beauty and humane qualities of the built environment through creative interpretation or adaptation of design principles developed through 2,500 years of the Western architectural tradition. The Palladio Awards are the first and only national award for projects that show excellence in traditional design.

From the award: “Ground at a downtown Atlanta, GA, brownfield is slated to be broken this summer for the nation’s largest Classical monument since Jefferson’s domed colonnade opened on the Washington Mall in 1943. At the Atlanta ensemble, called the Millennium Gate, two bronze Greek goddesses already rest on pylons. Between them will soon rise a limestone arch and four allegorical bronze figures with iconography summarizing the past 2,000 years of human aspiration and peaceable achievement. Bringing forth this rare Classical landmark has required years of negotiation and collaboration among architects, engineers, landscape architects, developers, donors, city officials and the Scottish sculptor Alexander Stoddart. Orchestrating the players is Classical designer and philanthropist Rodney Mims Cook, Jr.”


Daughters of the American Revolution: Historic Preservation Medal


The Historic Preservation Medal recognizes and honors a person who has done extraordinary work over a long period of time in establishing a historic district, preserving a local landmark, restoring or preserving objects of historic cultural significance, or establishing or participating in oral history projects, youth leadership and education, as it pertains to historic preservation, at the regional, state, and/or national level.


Arthur Ross Award


Established in 1982 by Classical America advocate, Arthur Ross (1910–2007), and its president, Henry Hope Reed (1916–2013), the Arthur Ross Awards were created to recognize and celebrate excellence in the classical tradition. From the beginning, the awards have recognized the achievements and contributions of architects, painters, sculptors, artisans, landscape designers, educators, publishers, patrons, and others dedicated to preserving and advancing the classical tradition. Past honorees for architecture have ranged from well-known practitioners such as Allan Greenberg and Quinlan Terry, to relatively unknown but no less accomplished ones such as A. Hayes Town and Harold H. Fisher. The awards have also recognized excellence in the work of artisans such as Historical Arts and Casting and Decorators Supply Company, painters such as Richard Piccolo and Edward Schmidt, sculptors such as Frederick Hart and Alexander Stoddart, and patrons such as Barbara Newington (whose museum was designed by Rodney Mims Cook, Jr.), the Citizens of Greater Kansas City, and HRH The Prince of Wales.


New York State Award


Given by Governor Mario Cuomo.


Atlanta City Council Award


Awarded for the renaming of Pershing Point to Princess Diana Plaza at Pershing Point.


Georgia House Resolution 206


Acknowledging January 24, 2015 as the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill’s death, and inviting him to be recognized by the House of Representatives; and for other purposes.

WHEREAS, the State of Georgia honors one of the world’s greatest leaders on the occasion of this 50th anniversary of his passing, and

WHEREAS Sir Winston Churchill’s incredible contributions on the world stage in multiple spheres
including but not limited to wartime leadership and in the literary arts, which have likely changed
the course of human history for the better, and

WHEREAS the memorable speeches delivered by Sir Winston Churchill, accompanied by his daughter Diana, on the occasion of a military parade on Georgia Tech’s Grant Field in 1932, and for the benefit of the attendees at his lecture that same year in Atlanta’s Wesley Memorial Chapel, and

WHEREAS Sir Churchill received training in gunnery from a member of Georgia’s Callaway family, and visited Savannah, Georgia, and

WHEREAS Sir Winston Churchill’s descendants have continued to reside in and contribute to the
advancement and cultural flowering of the State of Georgia,

WHEREAS Mary Churchill, Sir Winston Churchill’s youngest daughter, paid an inspirational visit to the Women’s Army Corps (WACs) during her 1944 tour of Fort Oglethorpe, and Mrs. Sarah Beauchamp née Churchill, Sir Winston Churchill’s elder daughter, performed in The Philadelphia Story at the Penthouse Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, and was subsequently married at Sea Island, Georgia, and

WHEREAS Ms. Edwina Sandys, Sir Winston Churchill’s granddaughter, will sculpt a monumental work of art for installation in Atlanta’s Historic Mims Park, commemorating peace and in celebration of The Art of Diplomacy: Winston Churchill and the Pursuit of Painting, which will be the largest exhibition of Sir Winston Churchill’s paintings since the 1958 Smithsonian exposition organized by President Dwight Eisenhower, and on which Mr. Duncan Sandys, Mr. Winston Churchill’s grandson, who also married in Sea Island, Georgia, has collaborated extensively with Atlanta’s Millennium Gate Museum, the host institution, and

WHEREAS Sir Winston Churchill is a leader, artist, and writer of major world significance whose relationship with the State of Georgia has greatly benefited the State, among the 50 states that together recognize and celebrate his honorary citizenship, as witnessed by Georgia Representative Carl Vinson in April 1963, it is abundantly fitting and proper that Sir Winston Churchill’s substantial and immediately relevant contribution to this State and to the United States of America be appropriately recognized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death.

members of this body shall join in honoring Sir Winston Churchill for his immeasurable contributions
to the State of Georgia and to the United States of America, and nominate him to be recognized by the House of Representatives at a date and time to be determined by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of Representatives is authorized and
directed to transmit an appropriate copy of this resolution to Sir Winston Churchill’s family.


Technology Association of Georgia – Excalibur Award


The TAG Excalibur Awards, hosted in collaboration with our Business & Technology Alliance society, recognize the companies and organizations throughout Georgia that demonstrate the best use of technology, typically provided by a third-party, to solve complex business problems. A tech-enabled company may also develop its own non-commercial technology solutions to enhance the business.


2012 Technology Association of Georgia Award – Emerging Megatrend


Each year the Technology Association of Georgia recognizes organizations and their teams who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in bringing new technology solutions. The winners have built outstanding solutions that deliver a significantly positive impact on the community.


Vietnam Veterans Association Award


The Vietnam Veterans Association awarded The National Monuments Foundation (NMF) a memorial to Sgt. Preston Tribble, Jr. and all Georgians who were lost in the Vietnam War to consecrate the NMF grounds for all war veterans.